A Couple weekends of shows / by Joe Parker

Two weekends ago I went to Washington for the Tacoma Guitar Festival held at the Tacoma Dome. I met and and connected with some cool folks like Leon at Pelican Noiseworks, Rick at Matthews Effects, James at Seattle Guitar Store, Jason Lollar of Lollar Pickups, Ken at Roadhouse Pickups, Pat at Vashon Guitars, Wes at Lewallen Guitars and Thomas of TV Jones fame. While there, a cool guy named Roman Shnobel shot a quick video of my guitars and pedals. It was unexpected and I'm glad I didn't have more time to ponder it, I would have only been more nervous. The video is in the sidebar there if you'd like to check it out.

This last weekend I showed at the Oregon Guitar Expo in Portland. There I ran into Mr. Paul Rhoney of Rhoney Guitars. Paul and I have been web acquaintances for a few years so it was super cool to meet in person, randomly to boot! I also chatted with Caleb from Bridge City Sound, who makes killer amps and fuzz pedals, and Jaye of Jayemar Guitars. I had a good time showing my new guitars and recieved a lot of good feedback (pun intended.)