New digs and happenings... / by Joe Parker

Hi there folks, been a while since I've posted and a lot of stuff has happened! First of all my family and I are now living in beautiful Eugene, OR. We sure miss our wonderful friends in Austin and Jacksonville so we'll definitely be making visits. As a result of our move, I have been able to put so much more time into JPCG&E. I am offering a line of effects pedals and slowly expanding it. As of right now we have: GEAR 7 germanium fuzz, BOLO silicon fuzz/overdrive, SABRE fuzz/distortion, TREMOLO amp-like trem, and DELAY with oscillation footswitch. These are all handbuilt, chemically etched, and lacquered for great sound, durability, and killer looks!

I've just completed the DMO 1608. It is the first guitar to be done here in Oregon and I'm so very pleased with how it came out. It plays great and sounds fantastic. I have the next few on deck and will have them available in the coming months. If you would like one, please let me know and we can get one going for you. That's about it for now, stay tuned for more!