The Spectre and its origins / by Joe Parker

The Spectre is patterned from my beloved Spectrum 22. I walked into a pawn shop on Blanding Blvd. in Jacksonville, FL and saw it hanging on the wall. The year was '91 or '92. I inquired how much it was and quickly went to fetch the $95 asking price. It was funky, not incredibly well made but had loads of character and to my eye, a sublime design. It was quickly pressed into duty and served as a number two or three guitar for several years. I always thought I would love to have a nice, quality copy of it made. Nearly twenty years later I found myself in the position of being able to make that version myself.

While not a strict reproduction I tried to preserve the qualities I love. With a few line tweaks here and there, I've tried to adapt that cool, 60's retro, surf-style, import axe into a modern classic. My intention is to make guitars that appeal to a player's aesthetic sense and inspire performances with sound and playability. I hope you like what you see and stay tuned. There's more to come!