Guitar Setup, Maintenance & Repair

 (South Eugene)

Hey there guitarists and bassists. If your guitar needs some attention let me know. I specialize in setup work (string changes, fret dressing, nut replacement, action settings) but not limited to that. I can also repair, modify electronics and replace or install hardware. I am located in South Eugene near Chambers and McLean and available weekdays by appointment.

I am a  2010 graduate of Roberto-Venn school of Luthiery in Phoenix, AZ. I spent five years working at Collings Guitars in Austin, TX, the last three of which I was responsible for final setups of the electric guitar line.

Basic Price List:
String Change & Setup- $50 (strings included, saddles radiused, action set, truss rod set, pickups height set, intonation set)
Frets Level, Crown & Polish- $100 (includes all of the above)
Bone Nut Replacement- $150 (includes all of the above)
Fret Replacement (unbound fretboard)- $300 (includes all of the above)

Pickup Replacement- $35 per pickup

These are basic price guidelines. Individual cases may vary. Thanks for checking this out and I look forward to getting your guitar playing and sounding its best! -Joe